DBE ANZ Dota 2 League Qualifier

DB eSports aim to raise the culture of eSports and provide opportunity to undeserved Australian pro gamers.
Our gaze is focused on Dota 2 with an Australian & New Zealand league in the works. The ANZ League Qualifier is running in early September, the top teams the ANZ region will be able to square off against each other for $2500 AUD and entry into the league.

Production by Kai Studios – New Zealand Dota 2 Production Company

12th of Sept – 9th of Oct

Double Elimination | 24 Teams | Total Games 46 | Seeds: 8 Invitational, 16 Open

Prize Pool:

  • $2500 AUD Base
  • 100% of in game ticket sales added to Prize Pool
  • Distribution 50%, 25%, 15%, 5%, 5% – Based on registered teams vote!
  • Base Distribution: $1250, $625, $375, $125, $125

Recent Results

Tournament Bracket (Click to see full size)

Competitor Information

To begin with, get onto our Discord server, for the tournament to run smoothly everybody needs to be in the same place. From here you’ll be given appropriate permissions for communication by the Admins, using Discord also allows individual players or captains to PM the exact person they need to speak to, perhaps your handle is formatted incorrectly, you can PM a member of the production team and have it amended immediately. Please ensure that you are respectful of everybody within this server, and if another player or member of the tourney team says anything you think is inappropriate or antagonistic, make sure you escalate it.

ALL INFORMATION LISTED HERE PERTAINS TO THE NON PRODUCTION PERIOD OF THE TOURNAMENT. ie: Before the red line shown in the bracket. The production period of the tournament will have it’s own set of negotiated allowances, rules and expectations for teams and admins.

The first games of the Tournament!

Game 1 – 16 (upper bracket round 1) will be held during the first week of the event, from Sept 12th – 18th (with some leeway)

Game 17 – 28 (lower bracket round 1) will be held during the second week of the event, from Sept 19th – 25th (with slightly less leeway)

What time will these games be played?

All game times will be arranged on discord, from Monday to Friday between 6:00pm and 12:30am games can be scheduled, we will release a schedule in spreadsheet form via the Discord, and any changes to your scheduled times are totally acceptable, but need to be confirmed by Admins and your opponents in advance. If a supplementary game time cannot be arranged, a forfeit can be claimed. This is possible when a team makes all players available and in lobby for their originally allocated game time. However we want everybody to get the opportunity to play, making an active effort to stonewall opponents into forfeit by not rescheduling will not be considered acceptable, we will bend rules & give the benefit of the doubt as needed to ensure everybody gets to play during the Non Production period of the tournament.

Invited Teams

  1. Team Nation
  2. SlapM
  3. EroBuddies
  4. DTT
  5. Big and Black
  6. Emilia’s Best
  7. Perfect Storm
  8. Team FuroX

Open Registrations (Eligibility based on date of registration)

  1. Pixel Elite
  2. The Soup Kitchen
  3. Shore Gaming
  4. AEONSports
  5. ill Omen
  6. Eskimo
  7. Team Titan
  8. Baited
  9. Late Night Gaming
  10. Expect Your Enemy
  11. Brain DDOS
  12. A4P
  13. FLUX
  15. Virtually Challenged
  16. Flair Gaming

Backup Seeds (Teams whom may be called upon in the instance that any other team pulls out of competition prior to LB Round 1 Completion)

  1. Indomie
  2. Team Fractus
  3. Black Lobsters
  4. Huggy Bear
  5. Flair Gaming Red
  6. Heroes of Lumby